Custom Made Tiles

The Custom Made Tiles is a bespoke personalisation service.

We can develop any design or colour palette the customer desire, totally developed and produced on a commission based project.

As an example with customer’s permission, here we show a request we had few years ago to develop a tattoo design totally custom made and applied as a tapestry design on tiles.

Another client requested us a Jaguar cloak design and we have also developed a tiger Look.

We received request to develop the vibrant skyline of a client’s favourite city.

The project was completed with the full satisfaction of the customer, and again, we can develop and make any wishes that customer wants in terms of size, design and colours.

The first approach customer or his professional approach us with the idea that they want to develop for their home, mansion, restaurant, hotel, shop or even the dog house of our 4 pawn friend in order for us to study the feasability process and the cost of the operation that is divided in developing cost and products supply.

This can be developed on all of our products base, Fine Ceramics tiles, Fine Porcelain Tiles and Slabs, depending on the requested product there are some conditions to meet like minimum quantity, however each project will be evaluated separately without any limited  standards.

Contact us for details, we might do the surfaces of your dream place matching the color of your eyes.