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The design is inspired by a evening time of the light colour in the Riviera, available in 2 sizes, 3 colours and 1 finish.

The Italian Riviera in Liguria, is a small coast just few kilometres long where some small fisherman village like Portofino, Rapallo and Santa Margherita are now considered Mediterranean pearls as a glamour turistic place to be.

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The designed is inspired by a daytime of the light colour in the Croisette, available in 2 sizes, 4 colours and 1 finish.

The Promenade de la Croisette, or Boulevard de la Croisette, is a prominent road in Cannes, France. It stretches along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and is about 2 km long.

The Croisette is known for the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, where the Cannes Film Festival is held.

Many expensive shops, restaurants, and hotels line the road. It goes completely along the coastline of Cannes.

The Croisette is listed in the cultural heritage general inventory of France.

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The design was inspired by a fusion of a fabric with a marble quarried in Africa.

Available in 3 colours and a total of 5 sizes, 10×30, 30X60, 60X60, 30X120, 60X120 plus 1 mosaic all of them in 1 sugarcoat finish, rectified edge and color body porcelain tiles.

The design is modern and minimalistic with some sparkling lights reflection that give a bit of life of the London look.

The name “PUROSANGUE” is dedicated to the thoroughbred racing horses, being PUROSANGUE the ultimate Trendy Tiles

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The design is inspired by a fresh Mediterranean look. It is made of 1 size and 12 different designs that are packed individually as a single design.

The design is developed so that every single tile can be connected to another one of the same design as a repeating pattern to infinity.

The edge is UNRECTIFIED, and the finish is MATT to respect the antique look.

The name of this series was inspired by the the medieval city of Gallipoli in the south of Italy and in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. This historical Ancient City was a strategic military point during the Roman Empire.

During the XV-XVII century, it became the most important port for the trading of light oil, exporting it mainly to London. Recently it has become one of the most glamour touristic city in the Mediterranean Sea.

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The design and the finish was inspired by a fusion of a metal and smooth concrete look.

Available in 4 colours and a total of 7 sizes all in one smooth lappato finish, the design is made of 16 different pieces in 60x60cm and 32 pieces in 30x60cm.

The name SEDICI means “16” in Italian and is dedicated to someone very close that was contestant number 16 in “Miss Europe”.

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The design was inspired by a marble quarried in Africa and found in the famous Harrods magazine in London.

Available in 3 colours and a total of 3 sizes plus 1 mosaic in 1 finishes, smooth glossy shiny full lappato finish.

The design is made of 15 different pieces in 60x60cm and 30 in 30x60cm. The name “LONDON LIGHT” is dedicated to the beauty and the fantasy of London’s evening wear!

Fine Ceramic Tiles

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DIAMOND is a rich diamond cut effect wall tile 10×30 cm available in 5 colours in a matt or glossy finish, extremely good for any kitchen backsplash or bathroom.

The name of the family that belong CERAMICHE is to honour the old way of producing tiles surfaces,wich is still updated.

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METRO is a classic wall tile 10×30 cm tile available in 5 colours in a matt or glossy finish, extremely good for any kitchen backsplash or bathroom.

The name of the family that belong CERAMICHE is to honour the old way of producing tiles surfaces, wich is still updated.

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MURETTO modern and sleeker wall tile 6.5×26 available in 7 colours in a matt or glossy finish, extremely good for any kitchen backsplash or bathroom.

The name of the family that belong CERAMICHE is to honour the old way of producing tiles surfaces, wich is still updated.


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Custom Made Tiles

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