With the refinements of the porcelain tiles body, larger slabs were possible to be produced.

It is basically the same composition of Fine Porcelain Tiles, but the progress of the productions machinery equipments allow now to produce much bigger size.

It is a product that is generally suggested for large surfaces, since the numbers of joints between the slabs are reduced compare to the Fine Porcelain Tiles due to the size difference.

On the other hand for smaller surfaces on site adjustment would be required for this reason large surfaces are suggested to install slabs.

The slabs are not pressed in a regular fine porcelain tiles press machine, instead the clay goes on a large below where it is compressed with a compactor role and then cutted to measure before being fired as a Fine Porcelain Tiles slabs kiln procedure.

They can be very thin to save weight or thick to be used as a countertop application, however we decided to producer slabs in thin 6 or 9 mm thickness because we believe that the correct application is floor and wall surfaces, being the slabs a large piece of products, we believe that weight saving is an important key factor.

We produce 120×240 cm, 120×260 cm, 120×270 cm and 160×320 cm with a variety of design and colours.